Contracts and Business Agreements

NY/NJ Business Contract Lawyer

Contract law is an area of law that refers to making and enforcing agreements between two or more parties. Any agreement between such parties to provide a service, or a product or commit to an act that is enforceable by law is considered a contract. The main elements which make it legally enforceable are as follows:

  1. Intent of both parties to fulfill their promise
  2. Mental capacity of the parties involved
  3. Adequate Consideration i.e. money or something of interest being exchanged
  4. Acceptance or agreement by the other party to the offer
  5. An offer that defines exactly what product or service will be provided

This is one of the most common legal documents people encounter in either their business or personal lives. The day-to-day operations of any size or type of business rely heavily on contracts whether it is an office space lease, the software license that runs on your computers, or the commitment from your telephone service provider.

Whether you want an important agreement reviewed and explained, or would like legal support and representation throughout the entire process of negotiating and preparing contracts, agreements and other legal business documents, please contact Larry Sass, an experienced business and commercial attorney, to assist you.

Larry Sass maintains offices in both New York and New Jersey and can help you with the following business legal matters:

  • license agreements
  • LLC operating agreements
  • business and asset purchase agreements
  • deal term sheets and letters of intent
  • commercial leases (for tenants)
  • vendor and service agreements
  • employment and independent contractor agreements
  • strategic alliance agreements
  • confidentiality and nondisclosure agreements
  • non-compete agreements
  • indemnification agreements
  • loan documents, guaranties and promissory notes
  • contract review
  • contract negotiations
  • contract drafting and preparation
  • contract disputes