Criminal Defense Attorney

Larry Sass began his legal career as a prosecutor for over eight years in the Kings County (Brooklyn) District Attorney’s Office where he gained invaluable experience and insights litigating numerous felony and misdemeanor jury trials and hearings, presenting hundreds of cases to grand juries, authoring appellate briefs and handling every type of criminal case, including homicides. He also focused on long-term investigations and white collar crimes for five years, first as Supervising Assistant District Attorney in the Economic Crimes and Arson Bureau and then as Counsel to the Public Corruption Bureau.  

After leaving the District Attorney’s office, Larry continued his criminal law career representing and defending individuals in criminal investigations, indictments, hearings, trials and appeals, primarily in New York State courts, while also practicing extensively as a business lawyer and commercial litigator. 

If you think you may require the services, counsel or advice of an experienced criminal defense attorney and trial lawyer, please contact Larry Sass of the Law Offices of Laurence J. Sass to discuss your concerns. 

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