Outside General Counsel for Businesses

General Business Attorney

On-call and as-needed advice and guidance for the legal needs of your start-up, growing or established business. 

Flexible and cost-effective fee arrangements allow businesses of all sizes to have a practical business attorney with extensive courtroom and trial experience available by phone and e-mail to answer day-to-day questions, learn your business, help you anticipate risks, address emergent problems, deal with lawsuits and liabilities and strategize to avoid legal obstacles to future productivity and growth. 

Please contact Larry Sass, to discuss how an outside general legal counsel can help your business and address your legal needs. 

  • business operations and control issues
  • change of business ownership
  • commercial collections and effective invoicing
  • contracts and business documents
  • corporate (business entity formation; corporate documents and agreements)
  • criminal (investigation, trials and appeals)
  • defense of commercial claims
  • defense of liability claims
  • employment and independent contractor agreements
  • general legal advice for businesses
  • insurance and insurance coverage issues
  • intellectual property (trademark and copyright infringement claims and avoidance)
  • internet and e-commerce (website terms of use and privacy policy)
  • judgment enforcement
  • litigation, discovery, trials and appeals
  • mediations and arbitrations
  • negotiations
  • non-compete and confidentiality agreements
  • online reputation concerns
  • subpoena compliance and subpoena responses
  • strategic and risk analysis
Our offices conventionality located in downtown Manhattan and West Orange NJ. If you looking for a legal counseling on general commercial issues in NY or NJ, or a local business law office, call one of the offices near you today to schedule an appointment.
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